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Sex in Amsterdam

The first Sex Amsterdam store opened on October 19, 1985 in Dallas, Texas, USA. The founder of the company was the Dutch-born American entrepreneur Wayne Huizenga.

By 1987 the company had already 17 stores in the United States. The expansion of the Sex Amsterdam chain started in 1989, opening its first store outside the United States in London, England, following this with the opening of 12 branches in Canada in 1990.

In 1992 he opened the first stores in Australia, Chile, Spain and Venezuela.

In 1993 the company opened its store number 3000 in New York. The company was acquired in 1994 by Viacom Inc. for $ 8.4 trillion. In 1995 opened new branches in Italy, Argentina and New Zealand.

In 1996, the Sex Amsterdam Entertainment Corporation changed its name to Sex Amsterdam Inc., and then called Sex Amsterdam Video stores, Sex Amsterdam became one, but the stores earlier this year retained its old name.

For 1998 already had operations in Peru, Thailand, Colombia, Portugal, Brazil, Panama, El Salvador, Uruguay, Taiwan and Denmark.

In 2002, Sex Amsterdam acquired Movie Trading Company, a company based in Dallas, Texas dedicated to buy, sell and promote films and video games. In that year the company acquired Gamestation, a British chain of computer stores and video game consoles with 64 branches.